setting sail

My desire to live simply began with a 2012 New Year’s resolution to cut out some clutter from my life. The challenge: eliminate 1 item for each day of the year.

By the end of that year, I had thrown away, recycled, or repurposed twice as much stuff as I had set out to do. Before the year ended, my resolution had already become a lifestyle.

3.5 years later, less than 24 hours after I received the news that my job as part-time Youth Director at Trinity would be ending due to budget cuts, I knew what I wanted to do and I had peace about my decision. I would travel.

At the time, I had no idea where I wanted to go or what I wanted to do and I had no money to do any of it, but I decided to leave my other jobs anyway. Of course I’m sad to see a cozy little chapter of my life come to a close, but I know that the people who have impacted me so deeply will, in their own little ways, travel with me.

So many have asked how I will keep in touch. Thank you! I am honored. I guess I’ll revive my dormant blog, I thought. I don’t have Facebook or Twitter anymore, since I simplified the social media aspect of my life, too.

As I’ve been asked about my plans for the future, your responses of awe and excitement have encouraged me. I realize that what I’m doing seems crazy to a lot of people; it even seems crazy to me sometimes. But mostly, it all feels quite spacious. Ever since I’ve begun simplifying, I don’t have a lot of things that demand my time and energy and attention. Why not get up and go?

My jobs have all officially ended, I’m in the process of selling my car, and I’m headed home for the summer to spend time with family. I’ll also be hiking the north coast of Superior during my longest stay in the backcountry yet. After these lovely adventures, I go abroad.

In September, I’ll be heading to rural Newfoundland to help out at a small hostel, hike a few coastal trails and kayak out to sea in search of killer whales. After that I’ll be staying at a monastery on the west coast of Ireland for two months (and enjoying some tapped Guinness). The rest is unknown, but I’m hoping to bum around Europe for a while longer.

My first travel resolution: bring 1 carry-on sized backpack.


5 thoughts on “setting sail

  1. One carry on sized backpack? How is that even possible!! I can’t go for a week with that small of a bag, let alone months.

  2. You are such an amazing person. I love the way you are putting it all out there… you are dearly missed and I’m so glad to know you. May we meet again, but until then, I’ll enjoy reading of your travels.

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