one week away!

I’m 1 week away from take off! Even though I’ve been preparing for this adventure for months, I still feel like it completely snuck up on me!

Yesterday was a big day. I checked the last few items off of my packing list, stuffed it all into my carry on size backpack and took it for a test stride around the block with my mom and J. For the most part, the pack feels great! It is borderline chock full though, which means I may have to get thrifty and subtract a few more items.

It was a challenge to pack for a cold-weather trip in such a small pack, but not impossible! I even packed clothes for everything from yoga and hiking, to housework and happy hour, and a dozen other unknown volunteer-based projects.

Here’s a photo of everything I’m taking (including the Tortuga travel backpack itself).


I am excited to live with less and I think it will be enough. In the end, I know that most of my meaningful experiences abroad won’t come from anything in my backpack anyway, so I guess it’s not worth fussing much over.


8 thoughts on “one week away!

  1. I commend your thriftiness with items because when we went to Haiti had a full backpack plus full luggage and that was minimum of course we had to take extra food for our lunches which took up a lot of room but no you will have a wonderful experience and you certainly deserve to have the very best safe travels and best best to you

  2. Praying for a safe trip. That backpack wouldn’t even fit the medicine I would have to take. Have a wonderful time and plenty of adventure.

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