lodge’s pond, port union

Yesterday I took a 7km hike around Lodge’s Pond in Port Union, Newfoundland. We ate tons of fresh berries along the trail–partridge berries, blueberries, bramble berries, raspberries and beach peas, which grow straight out of the cliffs.

I hiked over rock bed where paleontologists found what they believe to be the oldest fossil in existence, dated at 560 million years old. The fossil discovery was made in 2009 and is on display in The Rooms, a museum in St. John’s.

I also saw one of the last remaining man-operated light houses in all of Atlantic Canada and ended the hike by taking off my sandals and walking straight into the ocean! Another fantastic day.






15 thoughts on “lodge’s pond, port union

    1. Hey Dorothy Smith. Are you the Dorothy Smith of Reverend Robert Smith fame who officiated my wedding? If yes, I miss ya guys!

  1. Everything is so beautiful and quaint!! So happy you are enjoying the beauty of God’s creations and the kindness of strangers!

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