cape shore trail

Hiked another beautiful trail today, napped by the sea in the sun, and savored my last smoked salmon bagel from the Trinity Mercantile. Yum. Tomorrow is my last full day at the hostel. Off to St. John’s on Friday; to Ireland on Monday!








10 thoughts on “cape shore trail

  1. Dear Chelsea, What are the chances??? Rick and I are on an Eastern Seaboard cruise and will be in St John tomorrow, Thursday, September 24th. We will miss you by ONE day! I wish there was a way we could meet up for lunch, or a walk or just a hug if that’s all we had time for!! I have been so intrigued by your journal. Thank you for sharing this experience and please keep us posted on your amazing journey! Your friend in faith~ Jodie

  2. Chels,

    I love these pictures! So beautiful:) I can’t believe you are already off to Ireland in a few days! Miss you, keep writing and posting pictures a! If you ever have a phone I can call you on let me know!!

    Love you, safe travels:)


  3. What a magical time for you on this leg of the journey! Safe travels to Ireland. Can’t wait to unwrap the next photo and journalistic gifts from you!

    Much love Chelsita.

  4. I have been saving all your posts, the pictures are breathtaking….so now it’s off to Ireland so imagine we will get some more beauty there. Had lunch with Nichea, Betsy and Anna yesterday. Great to see her and miss you. Safe travels my friend

  5. Chelsea I am just so happy for you and so proud of the woman you have become. Your writings are so wonderful I feel like I am there…well not exactly there but you know what I mean. Been following all your posts but my computer doesn’t always allow me to reply for some reason. Pictures are WONDERFUL. Love you. Ireland has always been on my bucket list. Have fun Be safe and ENJOY!!!

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