6,000 years before I was born,

4,000 years before Christ walked the Earth,

1,000 years before the Egyptian Pyramids and Stonehenge,

before the calendar, the invention of writing and recorded history,

there was Carrowmore.


Carrowmore is the largest of four major passage tomb complexes in Ireland and one of the most important megalithic cemeteries in Europe. The complex consists of chamber tombs, ring forts, cairns, passage graves and dolmen.


When we arrived at Carrowmore on Sunday afternoon, the Visitor Center was closed. We parked just outside of the gate and hopped the fence to get in. I wanted to stand with history, to touch the rock remains and be a part of their rich, long-standing stories.

We ran through lush green fields to the largest passage tomb first. As we stood in the center of this tomb, next to the dolmen which holds the ash remains, a hailstorm fell hard around us. We were soaked within seconds.



Legend has it that these tombs were built by peasant farmers during a peaceful era, although nothing is certain. We do know, however, that as time went on, most of the tombs were destructed as rocks were used, little by little, by farmers for building.

These passage tombs are everywhere, all over Ireland. There’s one just outside my bedroom window and another one just down the road.

So, since I’ve been part of Ireland’s oldest history, I would also like to be a part of its newest history! On Saturday I’m jumping into Ireland’s youngest lake, Lough Achree, which was formed in 1490 by an earthquake. Local folklore suggests that on a clear day one can see the reflection of the lost village in the waters of the lake. Yikes!



2 thoughts on “carrowmore

  1. Wait Chelsea, did you say you had to break into one of the oldest cemeteries in the world, and then were pelted by hailstones?!!! Hmmmmmmm, interesting 🙂

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